From startup to international reality in 4 years


About us

Matchplat was founded in Brescia in 2017 with the aim of making connections between companies efficient through Big Data technologies.

We address to the B2B market working mainly with production, trade and service companies all over the world.

Our solutions were born from the concept of Web democratization: equal services for each type of company, placing all our customers on the same level.

In 4 years

Matchplat Team

Andrea Gilberti
Andrea GilbertiCEO & President
When I thought about Matchplat, I was imagining a service capable to make markets more dynamics through innovative solutions within everyone’s reach.

I tried to create a working reality that reflected this aspect, putting all people on the same level and valuing their skills. This is why I give great importance to listening and assigning responsibility, allowing everyone to develop their own skills. As CEO, I believe that a company can only grow if the people who make it up also do so.

• Project management
• Public relations
• Sales Department management
• R&D

Elia Calissi
Elia CalissiCFO & Vicepresident
As a cofounder of the project, I wanted to create a solution that would allow companies to change the way they make decisions, providing up-to-date data to invest in the markets best suited to their objectives.

I believe that constant comparison is a fundamental element to create a quality product: transparency within a team is reflected in what it creates, which is why as CFO I believe in the value of a sincere and always respectful collaboration with others.

• Management of the financial area
• Project management
• Management of the legal area

Yuri Sabbadini
Yuri SabbadiniChief Technical Officer
I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating something new: I am fond of the idea of creating something that was not there before and doing it in a way that works at its best. And if there is a problem, my priority is always to solve it.

For these reasons, I believed in the idea of Matchplat as co-founder and, as Chief Technology Officer, I am responsible for ensuring that everything turns out correctly, guaranteeing total usability of our platform and its services.

• Back end development of the Matchplat
• Technical area management and coordination

Mario Mazzoleni
Mario MazzoleniInvestor & Board Member
I joined Matchplat convinced by the potential of the project: the ability to revolutionize strategic relationships between companies.

As an investor and member of the board, I put all my experience at the disposal of the team: a professional life spent in the academic and business world translates into useful knowledge for a reality that aims to transform the B2B world. And, not to be underestimated, supporting an innovative initiative gives me the opportunity to continue learning.

• Strategic planning of activities
• Main corporate KPI monitoring
• Business planning and fundraising activities

Monica Bordiga
Monica BordigaMarketing Manager
I believe in marketing as a holistic approach: not a simple sales system, but a way to build valuable relationships with clients, looking beyond the company’s boundaries and listening to the needs of others.

My experience has taught me that paying attention to the changes taking place outside the company is a fundamental requirement for every Marketing Manager, especially in the world of digital technologies where trends are evolving fast.

• Marketing area coordination
• Sales area support
• Design and implementation of activities aimed at increasing Matchplat’s brand awareness

Alberto Antognozzi
Alberto AntognozziChief Operating Officer
Making Matchplat’s strategies viable by defining clear roles and structured processes: this is my task as Chief Operating Officer.

My years of experience as sales manager have enabled me to develop a working method geared towards listening to each stakeholder: the only possible approach to developing assets that are essential to a company’s success.

• Coordination and supervision of departments
• Supporting Research and Development activities
• Managing relations with stakeholders

Michela Dellavite
Michela DellaviteHR Manager
A humanistic education translated into a professional career in the HR world: this is a brief summary of my experiences to date. A journey that continues at Matchplat, in order to give the organisation a Human Resources department that meets its goals.

What fascinated me most about the project was its dynamism: the desire to grow by putting people and their skills at the centre. A principle that I always try to keep alive in my work, creating the right synergies with everyone in the company.

• Talent acquisition
• Employer branding
• Organisation of team building events

Serena Monnini
Serena MonniniAdministrative Officer
My work experience has allowed me to deal with different industries, from banking to manufacturing. During my journey in the world of administration I have dealt with many different people, developing organizational, listening and problem solving skills.

These are essential to ensure the efficient running of every office, also here at Matchplat: a dynamic reality where I feel I can make my wide and varied professional background available to the team.

• Administrative area management
• General accounting management
• Managing relations with suppliers

Flaviano Tarducci
Flaviano TarducciCustomer Success Manager
Being an account manager at Matchplat means offering companies solutions that they often cannot find on their own.

Every day I aim to grow professionally, perfecting the sales process and bringing it closer to the customer. By building a relationship that is above all human and looking at the transformations happening in the B2B world, I always strive to offer the most suitable solution, using the necessary flexibility to find the answer to the demands of different realities.


• Sales lead management
• Inbound and outbound sales activities
• Strategic planning of sales activities

Anna Garneri
Anna GarneriAccount Manager
Helping every company to find the best solution to meet its needs: this is my professional goal at Matchplat. The key ingredient? The ability to listen to and interpret your interlocutor’s requests, to fully understand their needs.

As an Account Manager, I combine my training in the marketing field with a great passion for the world of communication: an inclination that allows me to establish the right relationship with each client, guiding them step by step towards the most suitable service.

• Sales lead management
• Inbound and outbound sales activities
• Strategic planning of sales activities

Mauro Saba
Mauro SabaAccount Manager
More than ten years in the world of sales are certainly an important professional and life experience, which in Matchplat I have put at service of an idea capable of transforming the way companies do business. What I have learned during this time is how fundamental it is to never lose enthusiasm for what you do, always finding inspiration in your work.

For this reason, I decided to join the project as Account Manager, making my preparation available to the team. Offering companies solutions with a high level of innovation and quality is a great challenge that I take up every day with energy and enthusiasm.

• Sales lead management
• Inbound and outbound sales activities
• Strategic planning of sales activities

Massimo Moggioli
Massimo MoggioliAccount Manager
I am joining Matchplat after more than twenty years in the world of digital strategies as an Account Manager. A solid experience that has taught me two essential principles: a constant focus on customers and their needs, combined with a smarketing approach.

A method that integrates marketing analysis and commercial spirit to offer services capable of making a difference: because it is only thanks to correct information that it is possible to make the best choices. After all, today more than ever, without the right data we would just be “another person with an opinion”.

• Sales lead management
• Inbound and outbound sales activities
• Strategic planning of sales activities

Gloria Marchetti
Gloria MarchettiAccount Manager
My education and professional background have one thing in common: a passion for international projects. On the strength of years spent abroad and experience in different sectors, I chose to join Matchplat.

What convinced me were the company’s growth ambitions: the desire to develop inside and outside Italy, providing companies with reliable services. An objective which, as Account Manager, I pursue by always paying the utmost attention to the customer’s needs in order to develop a relationship based on trust.

• Sales lead management
• Inbound and outbound sales activities
• Strategic planning of sales activities

Sergio Caruso
Sergio CarusoAccount Manager
I spent fifteen years of my professional life in the ICT world, working in sales. Along the way, I realised that in the work of an Account Manager there are two elements that count more than the rest: method and resilience.

Selling means being able to listen, but also planning to help your organisation achieve its goals. And this is exactly what I want to do at Matchplat: accompany the company in its growth, with determination and clear goals in mind.

• Sales lead management
• Inbound and outbound sales activities
• Strategic planning of sales activities

Stefano Borgese
Stefano BorgeseAccount Manager
My experience in the world of digital marketing has taught me one principle: to sell you need a method. Developing an approach, testing it, improving it continuously to adapt it to each counterpart.

This is where proactive listening comes in: it is a fundamental skill to get in tune with the customer, guiding them towards the right solution in a fast-moving market.

• Sales lead management
• Inbound and outbound sales activities
• Strategic planning of sales activities

Enrico de Ceglie
Enrico de CeglieAccount Manager
I came to Matchplat with twenty years of experience as a Sales Manager. A job that, in my view, requires first and foremost the ability to be an advisor and not just a simple seller.

And it is precisely the ability to be a trusted advisor that makes the difference: the talent to build a valuable partnership, supporting companies in their best strategic choices.

• Sales lead management
• Inbound and outbound sales activities
• Strategic planning of sales activities

Francesco Circosta
Francesco CircostaNational Communication Specialist
My goal is to bring a touch of colour into the lives of those around me, inside and outside work. I always want to transmit new energy, which is why I believe it is essential to never lose the desire to learn and to motivate those around us to do the same.

I believed in the Matchplat project from day zero and since then I have specialised in lead generation and communication activities, developing the skills with which I now support the Sales Department at national level.

• Coordination of the Communication Department
• Lead generation through email marketing campaigns, Google AdWords and social media advertising
• Creation of documentation to support the Sales Department

Antonio Margiotta
Antonio MargiottaCopywriter & Social Media Specialist
What I am most passionate about is telling stories, especially if I can do it using the written word: an almost natural inclination that I have developed over the years in different fields, professional and not.

Writing is for me a way to guide people to discover something they don’t know. In Matchplat I look at the innovation going on in the business world and I tell it to a potentially interested audience, combining clarity, simplicity and completeness.

• Social media management
• Web content editing
• Internal communication

Elena Assolari
Elena AssolariInternational Communication Specialist
I strive every day to offer the customer a professional service, always trying to improve myself and to work on my strengths: the precision and the organisational spirit that animate my daily life.

I am in charge of coordinating communication within the international markets in which Matchplat operates and of supporting the Sales Department in the lead generation process.

• Planning of international lead generation activities
• Supporting the International Sales Department
• Creation of graphic contents for social media and material to support the Sales Department

Chiara Busnelli
Chiara BusnelliExecutive Assistant
I have always privileged jobs that allow me to be in contact with people, especially when they belong to different cultures: an inclination that stems from my passion for foreign languages, and which I have put at the service of my role as Matchmaker at Matchplat.

In particular, I am in charge of contacting Italian and foreign target companies with the requests that our clients present to us through the Connect platform: when addressing potential partners, I always take into account the needs of each interlocutor, so as to develop a tailor-made service that contemplates the cultural background of each company.

• Customer care
• Outbound contact of companies in line with Connect service customers’ requests.
• Contact of Italian and foreign companies’ decision makers

Elisabetta Mazzoleni
Elisabetta MazzoleniUK Market Legal Representative
My knowledge of the UK market, gained in my years spent here, helps me to coordinate all the steps necessary to set up a Matchplat subsidiary in this country. A necessary skill when moving in a foreign market is empathy: understanding the expectations and needs of those in front of you, learning to look at the world from their perspective.

A strategic and cultural challenge, which in a highly dynamic market such as the British one requires the right spirit of adaptation to identify the best channels and partners with whom to create new projects.

• Planning the strategy to enter the British market
• Coordination of internationalisation activities in the UK area
• Management of relations with public and private partners

Mariachiara Almini
Mariachiara AlminiRussian Market Matchmaker
In my professional life, different countries and experiences come together. Along the way, I have learned principles that I consider essential here at Matchplat.
These include the ability to open one’s mind to welcome the ideas of those in front of us.

I am sure that transparency is the basis of a true relationship, especially in my role as Matchmaker for the Russian market. Because it is only by adapting to our interlocutor that we can build a solid relationship, even with those who are far away from us.

• Customer care
• Contact in the language of foreign companies

Giorgio Granelli
Giorgio GranelliData Analyst
I believe that the most important thing in the work of an analyst is not only to provide data, but also to communicate it clearly to the client. This is why I try to impart a humanistic sensitivity to my work, which allows me to convey important information in the right way.

My versatility comes from a multidisciplinary background where political and economic skills are combined, which I have put at the service of a global supply chain study at Matchplat.

• Data analysis
• Data Enrichment
• Supply chain analysis

Gabriele Bestetti
Gabriele BestettiData Analyst
I always try to better understand customers’ requests, so that I can give answers that take into account their needs and include the information that are truly important for their business.

As a Data Analyst, I pay great attention to finding the most accurate data and the most effective ways to present it visually, so that it can be transformed into useful information to support complex strategic decisions.

• Data analysis
• Data enrichment
• Data visualization

Sofia Furfaro
Sofia FurfaroData Analyst
To go beyond the surface, delving into the details of each project: this is my goal as a Data Analyst.

My studies in social research have given me a critical spirit that I integrate in my work: a way to move past the simple data, looking at the broader picture in order to give back its deeper meaning. This is the only possible approach to develop analyses that are truly comprehensive and reliable.

• Data analysis
• Data enrichment
• Data visualization

Massimo Apeciti
Massimo ApecitiData Analyst
My education in sociology has taught me a fundamental principle: all research must include both quantitative and qualitative aspects. This is how I carry out my work as a Data Analyst here at Matchplat.

An approach that encourages me to look beyond the numbers and carefully observe the environment that surrounds them, developing reliable market studies that can answer the questions of each client.

• Data analysis
• Data enrichment
• Data visualization

Elena Stankovic
Elena StankovicData Analyst
Turning simple data into useful information is the first task of a data analyst. My academic background, which focuses on international markets, helps me to do this in the best possible way, but there are many factors that contribute to the success of a project.

I believe that the most important is still listening: understanding the real needs of each client, studying their requests and creating a synergy that goes beyond a simple consultancy.

• Data analysis
• Data enrichment
• Data visualization

Senada Nusinovic
Senada NusinovicData Analyst
Developing more analytical skills every day: this is my goal as a Data Analyst. How do I aim to do this? By looking at new projects as challenges to be solved, trying to get better and better results.

An activity that becomes even more challenging in a company like Matchplat: an international environment where confronting different cultures is the order of the day. An element that also characterised my studies and which I now keep alive in my work.

• Data analysis
• Data enrichment
• Data visualization

Fabio Russo
Fabio RussoFront End Developer
As a Front End Developer, my goal at Matchplat is to make a mark in the broad scenario of digital communication by creating platforms that can be used by as many people as possible.

Every day I contribute to create a friendly working environment where my experience can be a useful resource for others: putting my knowledge at the disposal of those who need it is something I have always been passionate about.

• Front end development of the Matchplat interface
• UI/UX design

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