Lately, I have come across many articles, videos and posts that talk about how to develop your B2B lead generation quickly and easily.

Let’s clarify. I don’t believe that everything you see online is of poor quality, quite the contrary.

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Many of these contents are well developed and provide interesting food for thought for those who are starting to take their first steps in one of the most important fields in today’s businesses.

In this short article, however, I want to focus on the main aspects on which I focus my attention as a Lead Generator at Matchplat and explain how important it is to carefully schedule a now crucial activity.

How B2B lead generation works and what I base my strategies on

It is now a fundamental strategy for companies targeting the B2B market and only guarantees an excellent return on investment if it is implemented on the basis of accurate analysis.

Gaining new customers with lead gen means building valuable relationships, earning the trust of people who rely on us and therefore continue to choose our products and services.

Once upon a time, B2B lead generation was based exclusively on “physical” contact, word of mouth from consultants and friends, attending trade fairs and industry events, or classic cold calls. All these methods are still used, but with low returns on investment.

Nowadays and more and more with the current situation, the use of digital has become indispensable to carry out lead generation activities: tools such as e-mail marketing and social networks play a key role.

Business information value

At Matchplat, however, conducting lead generation activities is very different from any other company. The business information we have in our possession forms the basis of my work and enables me to make targeted decisions depending on the performance of each target market.

With reliable data on all my audience, I can target my communications and sponsored posts to the right prospects and draw their attention to what is happening in the market.

Practical tips to increase the efficiency of your activity

The acquisition of a lead represents the beginning of a sales funnel: a path in which it is essential to accompany the potential customer, proposing ourselves as a point of reference to respond to their needs.

We must therefore put people at the centre of our strategy, as they will undoubtedly have a problem to solve or a desire to satisfy, and make ourselves known as the “doctor who cures their problem” or the “genie in the bottle who fulfils their business desires”.

My advice, therefore, is to abandon traditional marketing, thinking firstly of our customers’ needs.

Thus, let’s not forget that our goal is to bring value to each of the potential leads, in order to distinguish ourselves as knowledgeable and prepared.

For this reason, secondly it is very important to create high quality content, which allows the interlocutor to recognise our competence in the field.

This also implies knowledge of our target audience, which is why I consider the use of up-to-date commercial data to be a fundamental element to set up a winning strategy.

The third and final aspect to consider is efficiency: relying on the right information provider and the best marketing automation tools really makes the difference. Precise analyses and automated processes allow us to increase productivity and the quality of our work.

If we are interested in deepening lead generation, we should not forget one important thing: testing. Making mistakes, trying and retrying is not only possible, but also necessary: only then can we know which way to go.

So don’t get discouraged if the results don’t come: just stop, review the information you have and plan a new strategy.

Knowing your target audience is therefore essential for effective lead generation: starting with targeted information is indispensable for those who want to carry out a comprehensive activity, without wasting resources and efficient in all respects.

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