Get in touch with the best
companies for you

The solution for gaining insights into a specific market by collecting
strategic information not available online

We provide tailor-made solutions to grow your business

Get feedback on your commercial offering from selected companies

We have a team experienced in international communication strategies

We provide you with valuable, real and verified data to boost your company’s growth

How Connect works?

Our specialists contact key individuals within the target companies, enabling each client to receive feedback on their subject choice or solution.

Connect stands out for its fully customised approach: by discussing with our team, every company can define a survey that meets its business goals.

Our Matchmakers will then contact the selected companies resulting from a previous Explore research. Our international experience allows us to liaise with the right people, breaking down time and language barriers.


What do you get?

A survey tailored to your company

Information on key figures within companies

Real, verified feedback on your offering

Do you want to get other information?

Choose Explore to quickly and efficiently find new B2B customers, distributors, suppliers, partners and competitors in 196 countries

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Choose Overview to identify industrial and distribution clusters and get an up-to-date picture of the most promising markets for your business

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Choose Enrich to obtain additional data on the decision makers or financial status of the companies you are interested in.

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