Obtain additional data for your strategy

Expand the information you have on your potential customers, partners and competitors

Receive financial information about companies that are in line with your goals

Identify decision makers and key figures in the companies you are interested in

Reduce the time taken to make strategic decisions for your company

We give you the data you need to grow your business

How Enrich works?

Enrich is the solution to complement the business information obtained through the Explore service with additional data.

Our Artificial Intelligence-based technologies allow you to automatically gather essential information to assess the health of the companies found or to proceed to the contact phase.

The service is divided into two types: Enrich Financial and Enrich People.

Enrich is a B2B service that offers financial and business data on your potential customers

What do you get?

Enrich Financial
You get an overview of a company’s financial status

Enrich People
You get the data on decision makers within the chosen companies

Do you want to get other information?

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Choose Overview to identify industrial and distribution clusters and get an up-to-date picture of the most promising markets for your business

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Choose Connect to receive strategic information and feedback from key figures in selected companies about your offering

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