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Andrea Franceschetti, Mario Mazzoleni, Elia Calissi, Andrea Gilberti, Alberto Bartoli, Yuri Sabbadini. Matchplat’s Board of Directors.

Automated market analysis

Worldwide market research with up-to-date real data

Over 50 experienced professionals in software development, data analysis, finance, marketing, sales and customer care

+300 companies have chosen Matchplat to carry out accurate market analysis targeted at their business goals

Commercial branches in the European market, international data centres and customers located worldwide

In just 4 years we have grown from an innovative start-up to an international company

What do we do?

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, we have developed a platform to carry out automated and tailor-made market analysis.

We profile the B2B market by retrieving data from the Web and institutional sources – government, public and private – through AI algorithms, to quickly provide accurate analysis.

A constantly updated database with over 400 million companies in 196 countries classified for their online content.


What do we offer?

Market analysis tools within the reach of every company.

  • We analyse the online presence of companies
  • We map information beyond industry codes
  • We automate the reading of websites to speed up analysis
  • We customise searches according to your needs
Automated market analysis to carry out worldwide market research and gain data on millions of companies

Information available with

To create concrete business relationships with efficient and affordable services within the reach of every company

  • Companies are classified for their online content
  • The information is constantly updated and verified
  • You can find out information such as business name and addresses
  • Industries, owned brands and specific manufacturing processes
  • Products and services offered
  • Third-party brands or certifications mentioned on the website
  • Social media profiles, participations at exhibitions and events
  • Company e-mails, telephone numbers and decision makers’ contacts

Eco-friendly servers

Our servers combine state-of-the-art technology with environmental sustainability. Within an area of more than 200,000 square metres, we have a cutting-edge, eco-friendly infrastructure, thanks to self-production of hydroelectric and photovoltaic energy and a highly efficient cooling system. In addition, safety is also a top priority: the data centre is located in a low seismic elevated area that cannot be flooded.

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