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Matchplat Overview service aims to support customers' strategic choices and help them identify industrial centers in the reference markets.


Matchplat database has 280 million companies in 196 countries and allows interested companies to receive a complete analysis of the entire reference market.


Matchplat’s goal is to maximize the return on investment of its customers. Companies will find out new interesting markets in which it is worth investing to export their products.

100% of active companies

in the market included in Matchplat’s analysis

280 million companies

represents the entire market reachedby Matchplat every day
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196 countries worldwide

that Matchplat can reach with its analysis

30 billiards of commercial information

Retrieved from government, public and private sources

How do we provide market data?

Carry out a specific search

When a company subscribes to our Overview service, a reference market is required in order to start the search. The Matchplat team will identify the industrial poles in that specific market.

Identifying data in the market

Thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithms, we identify the right target for each search, and we provide you with all the data to help you focus your investment in a new market.

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You will get a report containing geolocalized data and you will be able todisplay them within the market!
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