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Matchplat offers a global service to companies, assisting them to identify 100% of the reference market with the support of dedicated figures.


Artificial intelligence algorithms and a specialized team allow Matchplat to find companies perfectly in target for each customers' needs.


Matchplat represents the turning point in the search for targeted companies. Firms will discover a new way to get a market overview and make strategic choices thanks to clear and detailed information.

100% of active companies

in the market reached by Matchplat

+280 million companies worldwide

represents the entire market reached by Matchplat every day
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196 countries worldwide

where Matchplat actively operates

30 billiards of commercial information

Retrieved from government, public and private sources


Official sources:

Company Name
Client Database
Industrial Sectors
Trademarks Owners
Proprietary or licensed patents
Owners certifications
Import-Export Data
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From the Web using AI algorithms:

Business type
Up-to-date industry codes
Company Products / Services
Areas of application
Materials used
Brands of third parties mentioned in the site
Companies Mentioned
Used Equipment
Production space size
Social Profiles
Name and Contact Details
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