Carry out email marketing activities and get answers directly on your email account!

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Matchplat offers an email marketing service with the support of a consultant dedicated to the development of your company’s communication.


The dedicated tool manages the bulk mailing on the selected contacts, allowing you to receive the answers directly on your email inbox.


Once the email marketing activity is over, you will get a report containing the interest rates of the companies and the prospects that indicated an interest.

100% of active companies

in the market reached by Matchplat

+280 million companies worldwide

represents the entire market reached by Matchplat every day
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196 countries worldwide

where Matchplat actively operates

30 billiards of commercial information

Retrieved from government, public and private sources


Target Idntification

Identify your target audience for email marketing activities with the support of one of our sales advisors.

Communication building

With the support of our dedicated consultant, create your communication that will be sent to the selected companies.

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Direct answers and final report

Get feedbacks from companies interested in your business directly on your email account and get a detailed report with the interest-rates of the firms contacted and the prospects that indicated an interest.

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