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Matchplat provides a full service for the contact of the targeted companies. Dedicated figures will check the interest of your target in order to find the right counterparts for each of your needs.


Our dedicated team allows you to get the feedback on your product and on your potential from the target market, analyzing the positive and negative responses obtained.


Once the interest of your target has been verified, we'll only put you in touch with companies interested in your business.

83% of our customers started a business relationship within 90 days


Understanding the need

When a company signs up for our services, we help our client formulating her specific needs and posting it anonymously on our platform. These needs will be managed by our dedicated team, responsible for studying the opportunity and analyzing specific data.

Contact of targeted companies

Our dedicated team is responsible for checking the interest towards your business on the whole starting target. Thanks to outbound calling and email marketing activities, we are able to put you in touch with the targeted companies interested in your business.

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You will get contact requests from companies interested in your business!

In addition, we will provide you with real-time reports on the work we are doing alongside with specific data on the characteristics of your target market.
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